From infancy to old age, having healthy teeth is important. This comes naturally for some more than others, but everyone needs at least a 6-month routine checkup from a professional dentist and hygienists like those at North Auburn Dentistry. With Dr. Brandon Dever available, you can rest assured that your first exam will be a stress free one. We’re here to provide professional teeth cleanings to all our patients in Auburn, CA. Learn more about our initial exam process here.

Routine Checkup FAQ

How often do I need a checkup?

For most people, a dental exam twice a year is plenty to keep teeth healthy and happy. When you get a checkup and teeth cleaning consistently every 6 months, plaque and gum disease don’t have enough time to damage your teeth.

However, there are some high risk groups who should come in regularly every three to four months. If you already have gum or immune diseases, are prone to cavities or plaque buildup, diabetic, pregnant or a smoker, more frequent visits are the smart way to go.

What do dentists look for?

When you go to the dentist for a checkup, the dentist and hygienists examine your teeth, gums and overall mouth health for cavities and early signs of gum disease and cancer. To do this, they measure the spaces between your teeth and gums for anything receding and may take X-rays to look at the roots of your teeth, gum disease and other issues. Regular checkups are the best time to mention any issues or pain you’ve been feeling in your mouth. Be honest with your dentist to get the best care and always list any medications or supplements you take.

What happens if there’s something wrong?

Dr. Dever is here for treatment, no matter what issues we may find. Depending on the problem, we can reschedule you for another procedure to resolve it. For example, if we find cavities, we’ll schedule you for a filling. For serious problems, we can schedule a series of treatments the same way.

What are your insurance options?

At North Auburn Dentistry, we offer the best care at the best price to the Auburn, CA area. We have a range of payment options and work with many different insurance companies. Before you book an appointment, give us a call and see if your insurance is compatible with our care. We accept a range of payment forms such as Visa, MasterCard and CareCredit. Feel free to ask our friendly reception staff any questions about insurance or payment methods.